Showreel 2019 – Corona Events

Published on April 9, 2019 by

Nuovo Showreel con immagini e video dalle nostre performance e dai nostri spettacoli.

Corona Events è una compagnia di artisti che lavora nel campo degli eventi legati alla danza, alla musica, al canto e all’immagine, presente in piazze ed eventi internazionali.


New Showreel with images and videos from our performances and shows.

Corona Events is a company of artists working in the field of events related to dance, music, singing and image with shows and performances in squares, big venues and international events.


who led the fight against the SARS virus, believes 60 per cent of the world’s population could become infected with COVID-19 and that up to 45 million people might die from it. For this story, Liam Bartlett has travelled to Hong Kong and Thailand to find out the likely cause of the disease, as well as the latest ongoing efforts to combat it. At all times he and his crew have followed medical advice and undertaken strict protocols to limit their exposure to potential danger.


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