They never heard of coronavirus and no vaccine was ever developed for it lies

Published on April 22, 2020 by

Coronavirus vaccine immunization for dogs canines patented by Merck and they said the virus was not known and no vaccines were ever made for it

According to Wikipedia, the GrecoRomans have known about it Coronavirus for “millions of years”. Yet for all that time they can’t cure a common flu to this day.

That’s why we listen to JEHOVAH earth from creation to the end covers only 10000 years, so far humanity is approx 7500 years into it give or take what method of time calculation is used. Hebrews have 12 hours in a day 12 hour night. 13 months and 364 day calendar.

Abominable foods, animals, sex acts, idolatry, etc that lead to destruction

Survey most Americans believe a vaccine already exists but is being withheld…. Remember the Tuskeegee experiment on Blacks?

Coronavirus vaccine may never be found in conversation with expert scientist, professor and virologist on the world’s hunt for a corona vaccine, even as it attempts to ease out of lockdow, how scientists are now looking for a plan B amidst trials and a post COVID worl


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