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The Iontophoretic apparatus consisted of a source box of D.C. current with volt meter, amperage meter and two flat metallic plates as electrodes.

The patient was apprised of the procedure. It was ensured that no cuts/abrasions were present on the hands or feet. Rings/bracelets worn by the patient were removed. The hands or feet were placed simultaneously in the shallow plastic trays containing enough tap water to cover them. The machine was then switched on at the minimum current, the current was slowly increased until the patient felt mild discomfort and then it was allowed to flow. The first treatment was based on the size of the patient and skin tolerance with the average being 5-10 amps × 10 minutes. At the end of the period the polarity was reversed and current passed for an equal time period. Initially the patients were treated on alternate days. Once control was achieved the interval was gradually increased to a maximum of 4 weeks. Patients having palmoplanter hyperhidrosis were first treated for the palms only and on achieving remission, the soles were treated.

Iontophoresis is a method to apply a weak electric current to the skin, It blocks the pores and glands which produce sweat.
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