Coolie number 1 movie trailer 2020, Sara Ali Khan, Varun Dhawan, Govinda movie remake

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Coolie number 1 movie trailer 2020, Sara Ali Khan, Varun Dhawan, Govinda movie remake


Title- Coolie No. 1 Sequel Official Trailer ….

“I was going by the way ….. eating Bhelpuri …! Yes, friends, this super hit song of Bollywood industry belongs to the blockbuster film” Coolie number one “of Bollywood industry, which has its tremendous story. Along with the blatant comedy, the audience was forced to laugh .. So, this film proved to be successful in making a wonderful collection at the box office …! The director is once again preparing to make the sequel of this film, yes we are going to see the sequel of the film “Coolie Number One” soon,

So that’s why in this video of our day, we are going to tell you about the remake of the movie “Coolie Number One” which will be the starcast, what will be the story and how long will the film come ..

So if you also want to know all these things related to the sequel of the movie “Coolie Number One”, then stay with us till the end of this video and also do not like our video for this memorable film of Bollywood industry. Forgot

Aired on the big screen in 1995, the Love Story comedy drama film “Coolie Number One” was made under the direction of “David Dhawan” … based on the lifeline of “Raju Bane Govinda” and “Malati Bane Karishma Kapoor”. Is … where “Kuli Raju” pretends to be in love with his daughter “Malati” to take revenge on “Chaudhary Hoshiar Singh Bane Kader Khan” at the behest of “Shaadiram Bane Sadashiv Amrapurkar” …. but in the meantime “Malti and Raju” in reality also give their hearts to each other …. But they have to face many challenges to get their love ….. This was the story of the film, in which the actor “Govinda And the love chemistry of Karisma Kapoor “as well as the comedy style of actor” Shakti Kapoor “was very much liked … Also the songs filmed in the film also gave the audience full entertainment … due to which The film broke all the records at the box office in terms of earnings …. That is why even today, the audience looks very excited to see the sequel of this film …!

So, let your excitement end here …. Yes, we are soon going to see the sequel of the film “Coolie Number One” .. According to the news, this film will also be directed by “David Dhawan”, the story of which But the work has started … It is being told that this film is going to be full of comedy even more than before, in which we will also get to see many types of twists and turns …. Also in this film too The love between a rich girl and a coolie will be introduced … and there will also be a lot of extra editing in the film, which will make you watch the movie …..

If we talk about the star cast of the film, then it is being told that this time the actor will be seen as the lead actor in the film, not “Govinda”, but next generation “Varun Dhawan” of the film director “David Dhawan”, and in the film his “Sara Ali Khan”, the only daughter of Bollywood’s Nawabzade “Saif Ali Khan”! Those who will be seen sharing the screen together for the first time… Although the film has been officially announced… Also many preparations have been made related to the film… but still confirm the release date of the film The rest, for which we will have to wait a bit more …. But ever since the audience came to know about this film, since then there has been a lot of craze among the audience about this film ….!

So friends, how excited are you to see actor “Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan” sharing the screen together …. You must tell us your opinion by commenting in the comment box, and also such more related to Bollywood industry You should not forget to subscribe to our channel to watch the shocking news…!
Sara Ali Khan won’t promote Coolie.


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