iontophoresis treatment in india

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Thanks to Rachel for sending us her amazing unboxing video for the new Fischer iontophoresis device!

Do you struggle with excessive sweating aka hyperhidrosis?

Since the 1950s, RA Fischer has been the #1 preferred iontophoresis provider for dermatologists around the world. The Fischer: Hands & Feet delivers a safer, easier, and more effective treatment for palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis patients. New silicone-graphite electrodes replace traditional, more dangerous metal plates that corrode and become less effective over time.

Questions? Contact our Treatment Specialists today! We can review your benefits and eligibility to see if The Fischer is 100% covered by your insurance.
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Iontophorisis Center for the cure of hyperhidrosis. We helped many successfully treat excessive sweating, sweaty palms, sweaty feet.
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