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The Fischer iontophoresis device for treating hyperhidrosis is safer, easier, and more effective than traditional machines. Here’s why:

1. Silicone-Graphite Electrodes replace traditional metal plates, which corrode and become less effective over time.
2. With The Fischer, no metal ions are released into the water and into your skin during treatment, making it the only choice for patients with metal allergies or sensitivities.
3. Intelligent software ramps power up and down to start and end treatment comfortably, while a new Anti-Shock Guard protects against getting ‘zapped’ for breaking the circuit.
4. The Fischer’s 3-button interface and 1-touch start are intuitive to use.
5. The Active Treatment Display (ATD) shows you in real-time when you’ve reached peak power during treatment.
6. Patients can treat hands and feet at the same time, cutting session times in half
7. Axillary underarm attachments are flexible and contour to the skin for a more consistent treatment than rigid metal electrodes.
8. With Direct Current (DC) and Pulsed Current (PC) options in one machine, patients can treat according to their preferences, whether that’s faster results or a more comfortable experience.

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