Is CRED app useful / How to activate CRED?/What are all Benefits of CRED/

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CRED – Download here :-

Major benefits of CRED App
#1. Credit Card Payments. You can add all of your credit cards in the app, track the payment due dates and pay the bills directly from the app. …
#2. Cashback on Paying Bills. …
#3. Earn CRED coins to redeem gifts. …
#4. Earn CRED gems on referring your friends. …
#5. Free Credit Report & Score.

how it works
apply for CRED membership
log on to CRED with your name and number and apply to be a member
pay your credit card bills
verify your cards, pay your credit card bills and earn equal CRED coins
claim exclusive rewards
use CRED coins to claim rewards from brands you love and enjoy the CRED experience
Cred credit card payment single portal. Pay your credit card Cred credit card payment bills on CRED and earn equalCred credit card payment CRED


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